The Pros And Cons Of The Agricultural Revolution

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Let me tell you a story. There was once a tribe, a community if you will, who lived unity. The hunters would go out every day to find meat while the gatherers would search the surrounding wilderness for easier sustenance. At night they passed their bounty amongst each other and slept with ease- totally satisfied with this existence. But then one day the most skilled hunter stood in front of the tribe and said, “I provide the most food; why must I share it with he who lazes around all day?” He proceeded to take all his meat and hoard it atop the nearest mountain. Other hunters did likewise, splitting the once happy tribe. These separate mountain societies then began to hoard all the food near their mountain. They told their children that life…show more content…
Before the world had become ours to rule, all life coexisted in harmony because of a fundamental law of nature which served to limit competition. The basic underlying notion of this law is that animals must compete for life but can never wage war on life in the process. The Agricultural Revolution was an attempt to create a lifestyle that supported unlimited growth; one that is utterly out of accordance with the rest of the world. With these laws no longer maintaining limits on our new society, authoritative figures arose and began passing dictates. These man-made laws were all based on feeble morals and are simply an attempt to explain why people live such dissatisfactory lives. Great leaders like Hammurabi sought to declare the morality of wrongdoing. Then prophets like Jesus and Mohammed used these historically established morals to attempt explaining our dissatisfaction in life. Currently, these separate teachings have combined and provided society with this somber story about humanity: Although we are eternally flawed beings who cannot even control ourselves, we alone are responsible for governing the Earth. In crude sensibility, these arbitrary laws lack an adequate explanation for how to live around this fundamental flaw and causes too many men to live short, desperate lives under artificial dictates which serve to only suppress certain consequences arising from our lifestyle such as drug use, mental illness and

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