An Essay On The Ojibwe Tribe

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The Ojibwe tribe is known for hunting and fishing and are found up in the North United States area. They tend to be very superstitious - more so than the rest of the Indian tribes, but they have great stories behind them and work very hard for what they need. The Ojibwe tribe is one of the largest Indian groups in North America. There are about one hundred and fifty different bands of Ojibwe Indians living throughout North America especially found in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Dakota, and Ontario. Because of where they are located they were mainly hunters and fisherman, being because the climate was far too cold for farming and growing their food (Ojibwe Indians). They slowly developed a way of life based on seasonal fishing which lasted for many generations. Although they fished a lot, they did other things…show more content…
They are known for their beautiful beadwork, particularly floral design. Other traditional artwork for the Ojibwe include birch bark boxes, baskets, and dreamcatchers. As mentioned before, they are very well known for hunting, which they accomplish by using bows and arrows, clubs, flails, and hide shields. The hunters also used snares and sometimes fires to control and herd the animals into traps or over cliffs. Another thing the Ojibwe is known for is their birchbark canoes which they take to trade with other tribes and things like that. (Ojibwe Indian Fact Sheet.) Every tribe has a political leader and the leader of an Ojibwe band is called a chief, which is gimaa or ogimaa in the Ojibwe language. In the past, chiefs were chosen by tribal council members, which were usually the last chief;s sons, nephews, or sons-in-law. Today, chief for Ojibwe can be either men or women, and are elected like mayors and governors are elected. Adding on to that, each Ojibwe tribe is independent politically and has its own government, laws, police, and services, just like small countries have. (Ojibwe Indian Fact

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