Kate Moss: The Five Commandments Of The Fashion Bible

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1. LEARN SOME BASICS While there are no hard-and-fast rules of fashion (after all, Kate Moss is the supposed ideal), most style authorities agree on a few basic principles. These hold true, no matter how cheap and tacky your clothes are. In other words, these are the 5 commandments of the fashion Bible: Always look neat and clean Make sure your clothes fit Don't overdo trends Keep ultra-bright colors away from the face Ignore lame clichs Always look neat and clean This just makes sense. Unless you're going for the just-rolled-out-of-bed rocker look, it's best to keep your jeans unfrayed, your shirt unstained and your shoes unscuffed. Grunge is over, so live with it. Take good care of your clothes, making sure you follow directions like, "Dry clean only" and "Wash with like colors."…show more content…
This doesn't mean that you have to skip the loud hues all together. Simply incorporate bright items into your look as low on the body as possible. Remember: Florescent yellow shoes, not a florescent yellow top. A hot pink clutch, not a hot pink scarf. Let your face star in its own show. Ignore lame clichs Chances are, you've heard them all: "Don't wear white after Labor Day." "Make sure your shoes match your bag." "Never pair stripes with plaid." Well, we're here to say that it's all a bunch of hogwash. In today's "anything goes" fashion arena, it's important to be creative and open to new ideas. If this means ignoring old adages and overstepping traditional bounds, so be it. Now we're going to directly contradict ourselves: even though we just told you to avoid clichs, there are some fashion mistakes that are always wrong. Take our word for it. Never wear head-to-toe denim. (Silly, maybe, but true nonetheless. You'll look like a convict or a cowboy.) Never wear sneakers with hose. Never tuck your shirt into belted jeans. Never wear pleated

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