Odysseus As A Hero In The Odyssey By Homer

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: In the epic The Odyssey, author Homer represents main character Odysseus as a hero despite his weaknesses, illustrating that heroes, although best known for their admirable qualities, can also have flaws. Odysseus, in several scenarios throughout the epic, demonstrates courage, quick thinking, and leadership, characteristics of a hero. For instance, when Odysseus and his men were trapped in Polyphemus’s cave, Odysseus led his men to safety by formulating and executing a plan to intoxicate the cave’s monster, blind him with a wooden stake, and depart the cave by hanging underneath the bellies of the Cyclop’s sheep. Homer writes that Odysseus “…was filled with laughter to see how like a charm the name deceived them”(316-317), illustrating Homer’s ability to execute his plan to…show more content…
Homer was the first to react and lead his men to safety from the monster, demonstrating courage, leadership, and quick thinking, and qualifying him as a hero. Odysseus also demonstrates heroic qualities when he encounters danger at sea and leads his men to safety. As the men sail through the ocean, they pass sirens that attempt to lure sailors to their death through beautiful singing. Odysseus is first to recognize these sirens as a danger, and takes action, insisting that his men put beeswax in their ears to resist the temptation of the sirens. Odysseus’s quick action at the first sign of danger, the sirens, and ability to lead his men away from this danger by quickly formulating a plan to avoid the sirens illustrate his heroic qualities. A final example of Odysseus’s heroism is demonstrated by his perceptive anticipation of a war and measures he takes to prevent it. Odysseus knew that coming back, which could ultimately lead to war. To prevent this war from happening, Odysseus has his faithful servants lock up all the suitors’ weaponry so that he and his men were the only people in the hall

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