The Tragic Hero Of Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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In all kinds of literature there are stories of heroes and their great deeds, but what is behind that hero that invokes him to go from zero to hero. What is behind that hero is the authors writing, when the author talks about the character he gives various characteristics about the character, and as the story develops the character begins to change and when his story ends he gains great knowledge. One hero foresay is Odysseus in Homers’ The Odyssey; this hero starts out arrogant as can be but as the adventure progresses so does his characteristics all leading to his self-knowledge. In the beginning Odysseus, who is an intelligent but arrogant man, whose personality ends up leading him to begin his long unfortunate journey. When Odysseys’ enters the cyclopes’ cave he wants to see if “he would show [hi]m hospitality” (Homer 9/304).…show more content…
When Odysseus stabs out Polyphemus’ he had told the Cyclops that “my name is nobody”(Homer 9/486) The fact that Odysseus had told the Cyclops that his name is nobody is intelligent because if Polyphemus called to somebody saying that nobody stabbed out his eye it would make him seem delusional. But afterwards, once on his ship Odysseus has to tell Polyphemus that “Odysseus has destroyed your eye” (Homer 8/664). Odysseus admitting to Polyphemus that in fact Odysseus had destroyed him was an arrogant move by Odysseus, and now instead of sailing home he and his crewmates now face the vengeance of the Cyclops, and thus the journey begins. As stated in “Chaos, Order, and Cunning in the Odyssey” during the first part of the Odyssey, Odysseus was mainly influenced “more by anger and pride then by his wits,” which led him into various situations headstrong without

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