Odysseus Is A Hero Essay

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A journey through the most dangerous treks, while keeping morals in hand. Only a hero would be able to do this. There are all sorts of mythology stories that lead us to believe in their “heros”. One example is the stories from the Iliad. They seem to make Odysseus seem like a hero, but he doesn’t nessacarily fit the expectations. In his life, he violated his own morals along with society’s, he avoided war, and didn’t watch over his crew. None of those qualities make him such a godly figure. Avoiding war is most times not thought of as brave or heroic on any level. Odysseus made himself look insane just to be able to stay home from war. Yes, a grown man, who was emperor made himself seem mentally insane so that he wouldn’t have to leave his kingdom. It is scary for an island to be under rule by someone who avoids war in that way. Odysseus put salt on the fields to convince others of his mental problems. However, it went so extremely far that his own son was put in front of a plow to force him to go to battle. If someone is not brave enough nor willing to fight with a successful army, then the title hero shouldn’t be considered…show more content…
He left war with a whole crew of men, which he was supposed to watch over every second, since he was the captain. Sadly though, Odysseus failed to do so and cost him all of his own men. He did not keep an eye out for them as a good, heroic captain would do. He fell asleep while his crew ate the cattle of the sun god, which resulted in losing their ship and suffering through tidal storms. Once again, Odysseus’ drained body got the best of him and fell asleep while his men opened a bag of wind, furiously propelling them away from his kingdom of Ithica, which at the time, was in eyes’ view. If a captain fails to watch over all of his men, and in the end, is unsuccessful in keeping a single crew member alive, there is not possibly a way for them to be a heroic

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