Examples Of Heroism In The Odyssey

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Heroism Heroes have always been superior man and woman idolized by common people for their great intelligence, strength, and leadership, generally following the same righteous path, however, heroes from Ancient Greece value name, or kleos which "guarantees meaning and value..." more than the modern heroes. Within the Odyssey, by Homer, many heroes, like Odysseus, a "charming, womanizing, conniving strategist", do not always have to walk the road of righteousness the modern heroes follow. In fact, people, now, expect heroes to do what's right almost a hundred percent of the time, if not, it will be like dishonoring themselves. However ancient Greeks values are within their name and fame, kleos and they will try to get this fame no matter the cost. They credit themselves even when it is unnecessary. For example, Odysseus taunted the Cyclops after plunging his eye and sailing off, with his mighty name, "Say Odysseus, raider of the cities..."(pg. 227) While Odysseus is considered a hero in the time of the Greeks, he does sleep with…show more content…
He had helped capture Troy with his brilliant plan of the Trojan horse that made him the famous hero he is, and also outsmarted the giant Cyclops, which ate his men whole, with just wine and a sharpened club. Odysseus is known for his intelligent, sharp mind, while many others would’ve gone the other direction and try to use pure strength to defeat the great large Cyclops, and met their end, his ability to use is brain and not his brawn was what made him significant against other ancient Greek heroes. This shows his incredible mind that every hero possess. Modern heroes, such as soldiers on the battlefield, constantly use their intelligence to keep their men and the country they serve safe. At all times, they are planning their every move to ensure a safe journey. Many heroes from past to present have used their intelligence to win a battle, not just

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