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The Great Odysseus Odysseus, born to Laertes and Anticleia, was a great mythical character and King of Ithaca. In the epic poem “The Odyssey of Homer” adapted by Henry I Christ, Odysseus is called to fight in the Trojan war. On his journey to return back home Odysseus’ ship crashed killing most of the crew. 20 years later after, being tested by many obstacles and favored by not all the gods, Odysseus returns home to Ithaca. Throughout the story Odysseus is viewed as clever, prideful, determined and brave. Odysseus is first viewed as clever when he comes upon the cave of Polyphemus. ““My beloved companions, please wait for me here. I am taking one ship over to the mainland. I’d like to find out what type of people these Cyclopes are. I’d like to know whether they are insolent, cruel, and unjust, or kindly and hospitable.’’’ (37) This quote shows his cleverness because it proves that Odysseus is thinking ahead of time and trying to find out who the Cyclopes are before trusting them and making any further decisions. He shows his cleverness again when Polyphemus asks his name and he replies Nobody. This proves beneficial for Odysseus after he runs away because Polyphemus drives…show more content…
He shows his determination when his men freed Aeolu’s winds causing his ship to sail back to Aeolia, far away from his home, Ithaca. After this incident. Odysseus doesn’t give up and continues on his journey to get back home. “Dear wife, we have not yet reached the end of our troubles. There are many problems ahead, as Tiresias foretold when I visited him in the land of the dead.”” (214) This quote proves that Odysseus is determined because he tells his wife the truth of their upcoming events even when he knew that they might hurt the both of them emotionally. In addition to the point made, Odysseus is still willing to, after returning to Ithaca 20 years later, do what it takes to be back with his

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