Odysseus Character Analysis Essay

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Odysseus’ story is a great representation of a war veteran’s story. Odysseus’ adventures through the war, and his journey home reflects how he is truly relatable to a veteran. He goes through many struggles and suffering that a veteran also goes through when he’s out on a tour. Odysseus and his men have a strong bond between his comrades as does a veteran. The tremendous care of his family, that keeps Odysseus going also may be a source of determination for a soldier to tough out the last moments of his war tour. Odysseus can teach us a lot about the war heroes of today. Odysseus shares a lot of traits with war veterans, both during and after the war. During the Trojan war, Odysseus had to make multiple cunning, tactical decisions. Probably being one of his most known feats during the…show more content…
Odysseus had great leadership skills, a great example of his leadership skills is when, after noticing the mind numbing effects of the lotus flowers on his men on this strange island they had landed on, he alerted his men of the danger of the lotus flowers and called for all men aboard the ship, even those bound to the effects of the lotus, so they could leave as soon as possible. To be a good leader you have to care for your men, Odysseus even takes the hypnotized men aboard and leaves no man behind, just like a true leader. Odysseus also shows off his leadership skills on the island of the cattle of the sun god, on this island the sun god, Helios’ cattle live, Odysseus warns his men of the dangers of messing with the Helios’ cattle. Although his men defy him Odysseus makes sure to warn his men of all upcoming dangers. Being alert and having concern for your men are qualities of a true leader, these qualities are what keeps a man and his men alive and alert. By following Odysseus’ ways it’ll show what it means to be a true, capable

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