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"If we find ourselves, with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we're made that way because of the Gods." - C.S Lewis. Odysseus, our courageous and intellectual protagonist in The Odyssey is victorious at the bloody and fierce battle of Troy. Yearning to return home to his beloved family, he encounters gods and goddesses that reveal Odysseus cleverness and leadership. After Odysseus returns back home to Ithaca he shows much change and prosperity to his character. Throughout this epic poem, the developing conflict is Person Vs. God. In order to survive Odysseus resisted manipulation and enchantments from a goddess called Circe. When Circe used her magic she turned all of Odysseus' men into pigs. Odysseus arriving at the castle ate the offerings she gave him and to her surprise, the poison in it didn't work. When Circe asked Odysseus to go to bed with her as a sign of apology Odysseus made Circe swear an oath first and that she wouldn't have any other mischief in store for him. This evidence shows Circe, a goddess decided to challenge a man, Odysseus, and his intelligence. Circe herself believes the mortals are naive and is against them. What this does is cause Odysseus to become enraged and it makes the conflict Odysseus vs Circe.…show more content…
When Calypso sees Odysseus she falls in love with him and seduces Odysseus to become her "love slave" for seven years. Odysseus constantly attempts to escape, but all of his efforts are futile because Calypso' slaves bring him back from the ocean. This evidence shows Calypso is against Odysseus and that she is only using him for herself. Odysseus is grateful for Calypso providing him with the necessities to survive, yet he feels wistful and agitated at the same

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