Swot Analysis Of Ecotourism

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Analysis, survey and prioritization of strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats According to result of matrix in before lists, express that , existence of Golestan waterfall ,museum , and other attractive places like beautiful promenade and … the total score809 and the average scale 4/04 is the important strength point, and after that existence of beautiful and unique nature with total score 722 and average scale 3/61 is in the next level, also existence manners local culture and traditional and interesting for us from past with total score 505 and average scale 2/52, and appropriate infrastructure exist in rock walking, mountaineering and walking the total score is 568 and average scale 2/84, is respective import lees in the strength.…show more content…
1- Trying to identify and using of natural and ecotourism attractive to attack people and competition with other tourist zone. 2- Beneficial using of increasing travelers motivation between urban people as using nature and create employment and income between rural people. 3- Emphasis on natural tourism development because of existence potential in the study area. 4- Using of supporting private sector to investment in ecotourism in the study area. 5- Using of governments as tourism industry development to create new work and income for peoples of this area. 6- Use of some specialist’s person as create cooperation and teaching from meeting to people and using of native investor. 7- Create harmony between companies in order join rural tourism operation by meeting and use of appropriate management measure. Variety strategy…show more content…
4- Planning and organizing agronomy tourism as using of beautiful environment and avoid from farm destroying and beautiful nature. 5- Local management trying for organization and avoid of farm destroying. 6- Development and outfit of ecotourism path and create some guide book for tourists. 7- Social security place and tourist village around national park to avoid of social violation. Style weekly (WO) In this method addition to emphasis internal weaknesses, trying to use external opportunity for removal weaknesses in this area, so in the flow suggested some way for use of opportunity and removal weaknesses in ecotourism development. 1- Control to how prevalence of equipment to this area. 2-Planning to use the private company and communion people to attract tourism for prevalence of services, hygienic and residence. 3-Control farm law in ecotourism places to use of all parts for all people. 4-Development Company for teaching people and tourists as using positive effect and sources of ecotourism. 5- Controlling to type of prevalence and preference of asset and trying to attract investments for rural

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