Bobo Doll Experiment

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A well-known experiment associated with this theory is the Bobo doll experiment. In the Bobo doll experiment, sixty-six children were split up into three groups. Each group watched one video of an adult model interacting with the Bobo doll. One video showed the model being rewarded for their actions by another adult. A second video showed an adult playing nicely with the Bobo doll. The third video showed a model that did not play with the doll at all. Children who observed the aggressive model behavior were placed into the room with the Bobo doll and began to replicate the violent behavior of the models. These children even developed their own unique ways of attacking the doll. The children who were not exposed to violent behavior toward the Bobo doll were gentile with it and did not strike it once. This experiment…show more content…
I am a visual learner and learn best through modeling and example. As the youngest of the family, I have watched my three older siblings live through milestones that I would eventually go through as well. For example, I have watched each of my siblings deal with the struggles of middle school, drama of high school, and the hardships of college. Although each of them did similar things, they each handled conflicts differently. Through their behaviors and experiences, I feel prepared for many obstacles in life. As I grew up, I observed the behaviors of my siblings and the reactions my parents had to their behaviors. Through these observations I quickly learned the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behaviors. I did not miss a thing my siblings did, so I learned how to stay out of trouble and, unfortunately for my parents, how to avoid getting caught! When watching my siblings be punished for a behavior, I learned not to repeat that behavior through vicarious punishment. I learned good behavior through vicarious reinforcement and often imitated those

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