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PERSONAL BODY ARMOUR SYSTEM Survival characters are directed to the developments in body armours protective clothing and shield devices. The innovations and invention in materials and manufacturing methods and use of superior manmade textile materials have led to protective applications. Textile materials like Nylon, fiber glass, Kevlar, and other synthetic fibre provide ballistic protection to the body armour. This extraordinarily improved body armour shows a reduction in its weight significantly and enhances its effectiveness. Larry Lehowicz (2012) feels that the armour designers are functioning towards innovative product expansion and continual development for ballistic protection. Individual body armours are soft and hard in types, the…show more content…
The composite materials can retain the projectile by means of absorbing its kinetic energy. Special materials like carbon, glass and Kevlar used for ballistic protection with suitable equipment. The energy absorption trends by the composites depend on fibre properties, arrangement of fibre, and bonding force of materials. The amount and the number of layer of Kevlar content in body armour play a significant role. By increasing the Kevlar fibre content in the armour system and decreasing the porosity, the permeability properties can be reduced. (Ching-Wen Lou et al 2014; Rana Faruq Mahbub et al 2014). The Kevlar layers in the body armour systems create difficulties when the numbers of layers are increased. It restricts the wearer by means of movement and flexibility. If the layers are reduced, this will lead to non-penetrating impact of the projectile to the armour system and the kinetic energy is transferred to the wearer’s body. This impact energy to the body creates a possible source of serious injury and this type of non-penetrating impact is expressed as “behind-armour blunt trauma” (BABT) and it is shown in Figure 2.2. (Metker et al 1975; Debarati Bhattacharjee et al

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