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Lance Capili Ap English / Per.7 8/7/14 The Real Truth About Sugar “The Real Truth About Sugar”, by Samantha Quinn and published by River City eBooks. This is the summary of the video lecture called “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” done by Dr. Robert Lustig. The book basically talked about how obesity has risen up as the fat consumption has drastically decreased, because of the addition of High Fructose Corn Syrup in our soft drinks, juice, sport drinks, and etc. “I love the book’s pin point accuracy of their facts from the presentation that Dr. Robert Lustig did, but the author could use more detail information from the presentation or add the graphs that Dr. Robert Lustig presented in the presentation for easier understanding”. Obesity is a global issues in today’s society. Dr. Robert Lustig states that we all weight 25 pounds more than we did 25 years ago and stated in his words, “the obese are getting ‘obeser.” Lustig states that we people constantly interpret the first law of thermodynamics as “If you eat it, you better burn it or you’re going to store it”. With this belief, Dr. Lustig points out, reduces obesity to two problems- calories in or calories out- and two behaviors: gluttony and sloth. Also, Dr. Lustig points out that no one wants to obese, and there are biochemical…show more content…
Dr.Lustig constant said that “If you’re going to store it , and you expect to burn it, then you’re going to have to eat it”. I believe that you are going to eat large amount of food, then you are suppose to burn it by exercising. Also, one of the signs that obesity is taking over our world, is that according to Dr.Lustig we all weigh 25 pounds more than we did 25 years. I truly believe that fact of the amount of bad foods that we have today, I could see that being true. While I was reading this book Dr. Lustig truly captured my attention and I believe what he

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