Childhood Obesity Issue Essay

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Childhood obesity is an ongoing problem in the United States that has not been taken as seriously as it should. About 110 million children are now classified as overweight or obese (Caprio). The spreading issue of childhood obesity not only causes emotional and physical harm to children, but can also damage relationships with family and friends. Childhood obesity is a problem because it increases the cost of living for families, can lead to social discrimination and psychological issues, and can cause serious health issues. Childhood obesity can increase the cost of living for families with obese children and can make it difficult to get by in today’s society. The economy is making it hard for any family to be able to pay bills, buy groceries, and also send their children to extracurricular activities. Imagine if someone had an obese child or two how much their grocery bill could cost. Children who are obese often eat more because their body does not get full as fast, tending to make the intake quantity larger and also increasing the amount of food needed to be bought. Children and families…show more content…
Children need to establish relationships with other children their age to make sure they are getting every opportunity to enjoy life as a child in any circumstance. It is hard to essentially make “friends” if children are not confident enough to step out of their comfort zone to talk to new people and see if they fit in. Also, children who are obese receive different treatment from adults around them because they are different and that can also lead to lack of confidence. They are being discriminated against by not only their peers but adults as well. Discrimination is defined as treatment or consideration of a person or thing based on the group, class, or category to which that person or thing belongs to rather than on individual

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