Mary Ray Worley Fat And Happy In Defense Of Fat Acceptance Analysis

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“Fat and Happy: In Defense of Fat Acceptance” Acceptance of one’s self is an attribute that many people strive to achieve in a lifetime. In Mary Ray Worley’s article, “Fat and Happy: In Defense of Fat Acceptance”, she states that Americans would rather die or cut off a limb than be fat (163). Bodily image has become such a large factor in today’s society that people will do, and are doing, anything possible to live up to the standards of the decade. Worley describes a “different planet”, in which the obese are socially accepted and allowed to express themselves without fear of judgment from others who do not understand or embrace the world of the fat (163). With activities such as pool parties, belly dancing, talent shows and special speakers, Worley depicts the convention held by the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance, as a paradise and safe place where the overweight no longer have to feel embarrassed or apologetic about their appearance. As a member of the NAAFA and large individual herself, Worley stresses the fact that mountainous pressures are placed on those who do not live up to the basic criteria set by society; which in most cases causes emotional and psychological issues and produces insecurities within oneself. Worley expresses a prominent need for those of this…show more content…
Doing so, she uses the statistics given by Dr. Diane Budd, one of the featured speakers at the NAAFA convention, which states that there is no data that can indicate weight loss as a benefit to one’s overall health, as an approach to justify not only to herself, but others who have felt the struggle to not feel as much shame

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