Eating Fast Food In Super Size Me

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“Fast food is terrible for you. It shouldn’t even be called “food””, said Morgan Spurlock, who documented Super Size Me and wrote the novel Don’t Eat This Book, “it should be called more like what it is: a highly efficient delivery system for fats, carbohydrates, sugars and other bad things” (24). Every single day individuals decides to consume fast food because it’s quick, particularly for individuals with occupations who are constantly in haste. Over 50 million Americans are served fast food daily. Do people even have any clue about the reality behind it and the unsafe impacts that comes with consuming fast food regularly? Fast food is made of low quality fixings and comprised of mostly sugar, fat, high calories, and high sodium. One meal…show more content…
Scholosser believes that “we’ve got the fattest, least fit generation of kids ever” (240). McDonalds seeks to target children and college students. Children are targeted because they tend to persuade their parents, which means instead of just them purchasing it there parents will also. College students are targeted because they need to save money and it's fast. McDonalds offers happy meals for a child that comes with a toy that is usually a part of a collection. This makes the child want to come back and eat more fast food so that they can get the rest of the toys. Teenagers, college students, and adults are usually interested in the different contest, which offers prizes like money and more fast food. Many people believe fast food is cheaper than healthier food because of the value meals but it is not. Healthy food can be purchased with just a few dollars too. In Washington D.C., you can go to McDonalds with ten dollars and get a big mac sandwich, large fries, large drink, Fruit ‘N Yogurt parfait, and three cookies. Instead of spending the money on fast food at McDonalds, you can go to a typical market and get a half-gallon of milk, a loaf of bread, two bananas, two chicken drumsticks, crown broccoli, half-pound green beans and a bell pepper (McMillan 88-89). They may believe that the food is cheaper because they are so used to buying fast food that they forget how much…show more content…
Consuming fast food daily contributes to affecting ones daily life, which leads to obesity. Fast food is assuming control over the world because there are considerable measures of nourishment desert, which make it hard to get access to cheap and hearty foods. The reasonable costs that fast food restaurants are a huge motivation behind why numerous individuals decide to consume fast food. Another alternate reason individuals' decision to consume fast food in light of the previous fact is because it is so timely. Each time you consume fast food it is hurting your body and you don't even know it, excessive use can even kill you. Individuals like Michelle Obama need to witness a change that's why fights and arrangements are consistently made. Fast food should not control our community, we

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