Non Direct Care Analysis

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Unit 42- Identify roles of non-direct care workers. In this assignment I will be identifying the role of non-direct care workers in two different care settings. The two settings I will be talking about are a Nursing home and a Nursery. Nursing home: Management. Management in a care home can be direct or non-direct, but the non-direct aspect of their job is to be responsible for the day-to-day running of the residential care home. They also have to deliver information and advice to careers to help them do their job right and effectively. Managers in a care home have to supervise the workers in the home and make sure the quality of their work and care provided meets the National Minimum Standards. The National Minimum Standards are a set of standards that all care homes must meet in order to function and be registered as a care home. The Mangers will also have to be responsible for keeping records and being able to manage a budget. Being a manager in a care home includes running a business, which would involve observing the business performance of the care home also keeping an eye on how things like fundraising are going. They will also have the role of training and supervising the care assistants and other staff working within the home, for example, cleaners, gardeners and receptionists.…show more content…
Firstly would be making sure they are following the health and safety guidelines, as this is crucial. More of the jobs include sorting out the washing load keeping it tidy and making sure it is clean to a high standard. They must also ensure that the clothing and other items are labelled with the residents name to stop confusion. If there were to be any faults with the machines they would need to report them to the Nursing home manager this would prevent any accidents or safety hazards presented to anyone inside the Nursing

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