Why Did Martin Luther And Other Reformers Contest The Power And Authority Of The Catholic Church?

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For which reasons did Martin Luther and other reformers contest the power and authority of the Catholic Church? There were quite a few matters that led to the ultimate rebellion against the Church and consequent reformation in the 16th century. The Roman Catholic Church had come to dominate religious life by the tenth century in Northern and Western Europe. Many people began criticizing the Church and it’s practices over the centuries long before the reformation began, however development of the printing press during the Renaissance and the Renaissance values of secularism and the individual (humanism) further weakened the Church and it’s authority by the 1500s. The printing press made it easier to spread the critical word concerning the Church,…show more content…
How did this impact shape society and the ideas that people had regarding the world and universe? The Scientific Revolution was a new way of looking at and contemplating the physical world based upon discreet observation and an inclination to question conventional beliefs. It began in the early 1500s, when a Polish astronomer named Nicolaus Copernicus questioned the Geocentric Theory. In the wake of examining planetary movements for more than 25 years, Copernicus inferred that without a doubt, the stars, earth and alternate planets spun around the sun, which gave rise to his Heliocentric Theory. He knew that most researchers and ministry would dismiss his hypothesis on the grounds that it negated their religious perspectives. Fearing mockery and/or expulsion, he did not distribute his discoveries until 1543, the last year of his life. Through the following century and a half, many other scientists built on the establishments that he had laid. A mathematician by the name of Johannes Kepler reasoned that certain numerical laws oversee planetary movement. One of these laws demonstrated that the planets spin around the sun in elliptical orbits rather circles, as was beforehand thought. Kepler’s laws demonstrated that Copernicus’ essential thoughts

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