Noah Inaccuracy

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The film Noah is biblically inspired on the book of Genesis. The inaccuracy of the film Noah caused quite a dilemma, for it failed to portray the grand scheme of the biblical story. The adaptation is misleading; it is unable to capture the biblical core elements, such as characterization and theme. The film begins with a young boy named Noah witnessing his father Lamech being killed by Tubal-Cain. Years later, Noah is living with his wife, Naameh, and his three sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth. As the building of the ark commences, the flesh of every type of animal begins to arrive. Tubal-Cain is curious of the arrival, so he follows the direction in which the animals are going and asks Noah why he's building an ark. Noah tells him that the Creator…show more content…
However, toward the end of the film, only one of Noah’s sons is seen to have a wife. In the film, Noah goes in search for wives for his three sons, but instead encounters women being traded and animals being slaughtered. Noah then comes to the conclusion that the Creator truly wishes for the entire human race to come to an end, therefore he informs his family that after the Flood, they will be the last humans, and there will be no new generation of man. Ham is furious and runs in search of a wife. Noah's wife Naameh is aware that the only female they have is Ila and that she isn't able to conceive because of her wound, so he asks Methusulah for help. Methusulah gives Ila his blessing and with his blessing Ila is able to conceive. The fact that the film suggests that only one of Noah’s sons has a spouse while the biblical story states that all of his sons have a spouse is unnecessary; it only complicates the storyline to increase the dramatic suspense that films tend to crave to capture the viewer’s attention, yet the basis of the story is then highly altered. It is understandable to change a few details in films and dramatize scenes to fit the standards of a film, yet to highly alter the story results in an almost completely new plot, meaning that it’s only goal as an adaptation film

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