'The Truman Show': Peter Weir's 1998 Film

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The Truman Show In Peter Weir’s 1998 film titled “The Truman Show”, a man named Truman Burbank has been legally adopted by a television network to star a reality television program called “The Truman Show”. He lives his whole entire life from before birth, filmed by thousands of cameras, 24 hours 7 days a week, and is broadcasted to billions of people live around the world. Truman has no idea his whole life is a fake and that it is being filmed. The show is filmed in Truman’s hometown called Seahaven; the set is built in a saturated area under a giant dome with a weather-controlled base that is produced and created by Christof the director himself. Christof has control over every aspect of Truman’s life because of Truman’s family and friends being played as actors.…show more content…
Also so that the audience can imagine living in this ideal town called Seahaven and that the American dream still exists. The audience wanted to have a true reality show; this is the reason why even though the audience knew about Truman’s situation most of them did nothing to help him know the truth. Besides whom Christof was targeting, the movie itself targeted the society. It showed the audience in the real world how affective media is and how we react to it. For example TV shows can affect the way we act or do our jobs, in this case 2 police officers are shown watching the Truman show when a person needed help is turned down just to watch the plot of the show. Another example is when two elderly women hug and cry because of the progress of the plot,

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