Ethical Behaviors Depicted In The Truman Show

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In the movie, The Truman Show, are portrayed many types of unethical behaviors, and it was pretty un expected that the movie did not focus much on them and on the reaction of all the people that probably were against the program. The TV show itself is unethical since it is done without the consensus of the main actor, but there are many other human rights violations that can be seen in the movie. 
The most notable is probably the fact that, at the end of the movie, Christop almost kills Truman. Even if Truman eventually is able to survive and even considering the fact that the producer can control everything that is going on in the island, weather conditions included, his act is classifiable as attempt to murder. He did not now how Truman would have react. He knew that Truman was…show more content…
Even with knowing this he decides to start a typhoon in the sea and Truman, unable to control the boat, more than once risked to fall in the water and die. It was just out of luck that Truman survived and Christop could not have predicted Truman’s actions. Secondly, Truman, even if he was legally adopted by the corporation, in the movie he is already an adult, and there fore he should be able to chose how to live his life without the need of his parents consensus. Christop, on the other hand, does not really give him any choice. Truman is forced to stay in the island, and for him there are no differences with being imprisoned. He cannot chose to live because the TV show producer is always preventing him in all the ways possible. They are keeping him inside a jail and he is not free of doing whatever he wants. All the other people there were actors that probably signed a contract and accepted, in exchange of money, to live there and collaborate with the show. He, on the other hand, did not chose it and he was not even paid for doing it. There are many parents that use their

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