The Truman Show Manipulation

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The world that surrounds humans is occupied with a plethora of illusions. Constantly, people are getting caught up in those illusion, entirely oblivious to their surroundings and losing sight in what is truly real. Moreover, our community is utterly consumed with the manipulation of the media, who creates fictions that happens to masquerade as facts, due to the Medias becoming abundantly powerful and out of control. The Truman Show, which is a comedy drama directed by peter weir, is a film which premiered in 1998. It is about a man, called Truman, whose life is actually in a TV set and was made to broadcast his every move. The Truman Show, with the use metaphors and symbols, displays how people regularly are manipulated and trapped by the…show more content…
Most of the time, the truth is concealed from people; in people’s daily lives, they lie and put up a front usually to portray something to be superior than it really is. So in a way, the world are like people, constantly depicting events and other information to be the hard truth when in fact it is just a façade. In a way, the mass media can be seen as the world around us, since it is a diversified collection of media that reaches a large audience through mass communication, providing the information to the people of this world. The Truman show initiates with a scene that claims the falsehood of the media or world by stating “While the world he inhabits is, in some respect, counterfeit” (Weir) this is referring to Truman’s fake world he lives in. Already the film metaphorically comparing the media with this fake world Truman and other people in the film reside in. In an article called Reading the Truman Show Inside Out, Simone Knox writes “The Truman Show explores the artificiality of the mass media by setting up an opposition between the more manipulated and manipulative "television" camera and the more truthful "film" camera.” (Knox 8). Moreover, there are various times that Truman can be seen manipulated by his wife and mother, like in the scene where he was talking to his wife and he discussed with her about getting away from his town, to explore. However,…show more content…
As the film progresses, Truman develops further suspicion about whether the world he lives in is actually real. In the start of the film, Christof states “There’s nothing fake about Truman” (). So even though the world around him is counterfeit, he himself is not. Eventually Truman discovers that the world he lives in is in fact a bogus, and which leads to him trying to escape. Naturally, a person tries to not associate with what is fake, so when someone distinguishes the real from the fake, they tend to push aside the fake and consume the realism. Not to mistaken imagination with fakeness, as imagination is in fact needed in life. Truman escaping the fake world demonstrates his grasp on realism and finally understanding the

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