Gilgamesh Good Vs Evil

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The worlds of “Gilgamesh”, “Genesis”, and Earth all feel drastically different; Talking snakes, Giant forest guardians, fruit that endows one with knowledge, twerking, promiscuous Goddesses, and Donald Trump. The list of differing oddities goes on and on. Yet each of these worlds manage to successfully portray the good, bad and the ugly parts of human nature. Humanity has achieved great things, Friendship and community being one of the finest. Ever since the first caveman didn’t bludgeon the other to death and instead shared food and fire with him. Of course humanity accomplished other great things through less moral methods, like how the pyramids and America were built on the backs of slaves. And then there’s the parts humanity try’s to ignore…show more content…
There is a distinct difference between the selfish nature humans and the mindless violence and cruelty of this third and final strand of human nature. This shadow appears to have a human form, but in reality the ugly is much darker than any good or bad person. It resides in every story and every world humanity know, save perhaps the dreams and imaginings of young children. Gilgamesh is a monster at the beginning of his tale, raping boys and girls while oppressing his people simply because he can: “He is harrying the young men of Uruk beyond reason… Gilgamesh leaves no son to his father… Gilgamesh leaves no girl to her mother” (60). Meanwhile in Genesis humanity see Cain slaughter his own brother simply for not receiving Gods praise: “Cain rose against his brother and killed him” (121). These are truly bad things for people to do, so why then do they classify as ugly? To be good one must have a purpose, and to be bad one must have a purpose. Such purposes will often conflict, thus pitting the good against the bad. The ugly has no purpose such as aimless violence or looting for lootings sake. Earth holds plenty of this ugly, right here on college campuses. Telephones set up all over because rape is commonplace on the campus of a monument to knowledge. Seminars about insane shooter safety are mandatory because the tragedy at Umpqua Community College in Oregon was not a rare occurrence. Humanity have students out driving drunk, crashing, and killing themselves for no reason. This is the ugly truth. That all these mindless and pointless detriments to humanity have become taboo norms in society. They have been around since Gilgamesh’s rape out of boredom and since Cain was the first to murder simply out of rage. Humanity have quietly accepted the fact that these inhumane actions are simply human nature. The idea that “these things just happen” is humanity’s

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