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Night is to Come Chapter One just the beginning Once upon a time there were two girls named,Robin and Ava.They have been best friends since preschool.”Hey do you want to have a sleepover at my house said Ava?” Sure why not,but I’m only free on Halloween night,said Robin .Then we can have a Halloween sleepover said Ava. Ok then Ava I will ask my parents.Ok see you then ,at the sleepover ! Chapter Two SLEEPOVER!! That night on halloween Robin and Ava had a sleepover at Ava’s house . Hey Robin what do you want to do? I don’t know, What do you want to do? ok, let's go make some s’mores .Ok,let's go ask my mom to get the chocolate and marshmallows down from the pantry I will get the graham crackers out of the cupboard said Ava. YUMMM!!!!!!! Chapter…show more content…
We sneak out. Ok but on one condition you stay two more nights. Deal!!! Chapter Five Let's go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on what are you waiting for . wait what if she comes in my room ? don’t worry we can just get balloons and draw are faces on the balloons. But what if my mom looks under the covers . hey do you know where you put your brother’s fake clones ,oh no.oh yes.So they went to dress up the fake clones . Chapter Six Were Off!!!!!!!! Robin and Ava approached Ava’s bedroom window. We are going out here. What!!! We can’t we are on the top floor of the house here!! Did I agree?? Yes… So, we are going out this window right here. Ok, C'mon let's get going before my mom comes to check on you & I. Oh, and also if I die you're paying for my hospital bill!!!! Chapter Seven Whoa!!!! The two girls jumped out the window. AHH!!!! The next thing they knew they landed in a pool of water. What the?? Ava stammered. HA!! Ava’s brother Jacob laughed. You thought you could sneak out but i’m telling mom. Please NO! Fine, on one condition. What? I get your dessert for five weeks. No way!!! Then i’m going to tell mom. Fine, just don’t tell mom!!!! Chapter Eight…show more content…
Chapter Twelve Let’s Do This!!!!! C’mon there's no time to lose let's go get the cinder blocks. Ava? What? Who’s going to carry the cinder blocks? Jacob they both said at the same time. NO never in my life would I carry a cinder block! Well, I was hoping I wouldn't have to resort to this. Ava made puppy dog eyes. The eyes, don’t look at the eyes. Fine, I’ll carry the cinder blocks. YAY!!!!!!!!! Chapter Thirteen Almost…... Look, there they are… GET EM!!!!! Almost……. No! And then the clones ran away. Man, Robin why didn't you help!?! Because my legs were itchy. Who cares!! C’mon we have to go guys!! Ok, but if I have itchy legs we stop and then I itch them. Fine. Ok, let's get going before they get to far away that it’s impossible to find them.Let's go. C’mon Robin. I’m

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