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We are all broken down into a social class whether you know it or not. The social class you’re in may be a great thing: ending in a lavish lifestyle, or resulting in a dreadful experience. The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton, intensely portrays how being in a certain social class can influence the way the characters are raised, the way others view the characters, and how it can affect the characters life. This coming-of-age novel uncovers how misfortune can unite a social class. It causes the book’s characters, and you, to look at others in a new way. The book’s diction is colloquial. Students interested in this plot would be familiar with the language being used. I would recommend this story to all middle school and high school students.…show more content…
When he regains consciousness he sees a Socs dead body next to him. Johnny admits that he killed him, still holding the switchblade in his hand. They get advice from a friend in the gang. He advises them to get out of town and hide in an abandoned church. “Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold.” These words escaped from Johnny’s mouth on his deathbed. This quotation was significant because it symbolizes the relationship Johnny and Ponyboy developed through their journey together. While hiding in the abandoned church Ponyboy shares some of his favorite poems, one happens to be Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost, meaning all good things come to an end. Here Johnny is trying to tell Ponyboy to stay innocent, have a good life, to “stay gold.” Another quote that was significant in my opinion is “It's not just money...We're sophisticated to the point of not feeling anything. Nothing is real with us." This quote came from Cherry, a Soc, who was telling the difference between Socs and greasers. In my opinion, I believe Cherry was trying to say greasers have it better than Socs. Even though Socs have money in some sense that is all they have, whereas greasers have

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