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SNOW FALLING ON CEDARS Snow Falling On Cedars is a novel which committed justice, law, love, and honesty. The story is set in the fictional town of Amity Harbor, on an island in Puget Sound whose culturally mixed population includes families of German, Scandinavian, and Japanes origin. The place is fictional, but the setting is clearly the area around the author's home. His love of the place seems through in his description of island's forests, beaches, houses, and strawberry farms. In contrast to the beauty of the setting, less nice issues like tension, injustice, and the horrors of war are addressed through the story. The main events of the book happen in 1954, about ten years after World War II but wartime hostility of Japanese…show more content…
Kabuo Miyamoto is Japanese-American man, who grows up picking strawberries on the Carl Heine farm. He goes to fight in the Europea for America, just after marrying Hatsuo at the relocation camp Manzanar. He is the defendant in the first-degree murder trial after the death of Carl Heine. Ishmael Chambers is journalist. He has been in love with Hatsue since childhood. He fights in the war in the Pacific and loses his arm due to a battle injury. After the death of his father, he takes over the San Piedro Review and covers the Kabuo trial. Hatsue is wife of Kabuo, former Strawberry Princess and the young love of Ishmael. She is known for her beauty. Her mother forbids her to remain in contact with Ishmael from the relocation camp. Then, she marries Kabuo and she has two daughters and one son. Kabuo Miyamoto is on trial for the death of Carl Heine. There is quarrel between Carl and Kabuo about piece of Carl's land. Kabuo and Carl encounter that night on the sea for mixture of engines between their boats. Carl and Kabuo compromise ownership of piece of land before incident, so it becomes clear that Kabuo's boat was in the area at time of the incident. He is unavoidably suspected of

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