Rebecca Formalist Criticism

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Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier can be read through the lens of formalist criticism, which requires the readers to analyze the structure of a particular text that also shows the author's style, tone, imagery etc. This novel revolves around suspense and Max De Winter’s mysterious late wife, Rebecca. The moment in the book when the new Mrs. De Winter runs into a mentally challenged man named Ben, foreshadows or reveals the dual personality of Rebecca when he says “don’t take me to the asylum” hinting that Ben fears Rebecca. Which causes the reader to ask why is this woman so scary? What is she capable of? Throughout, the novel Rebecca is known to be a very polite and well mannered, beautiful woman who would never hurt a fly, but, in reality, she…show more content…
The author talks about the book being one of the best Gothic Romance in the 20th Century. The author also mentions the mysterious ending of the novel that leaves readers on the edge of their seats, asking what happens next? Christensen mentions that she would suggest this novel to anyone “who loves a great mystery” (Christensen 1). After researching multiple perspectives on this novel it is clear that Daphne Du Maurier uses the element of suspense to create depth in one of the main characters Rebecca. Throughout the whole novel we seem to learn more and more details about Rebecca, though she is no longer alive the author and characters in the novel seem to peel layers back with each chapter to reveal the true…show more content…
Rebecca herself is a perfect example of this in the way she has demonstrated herself to the narrator of the novel but also to the homeless man, Ben. She casted fear into the lives of these innocent people. Rebecca created something at Manderley that the narrator of the book felt that she needed to become. Just being in the shadows of Rebecca frightened the narrator. Also Rebecca made the new Mrs. De Winter fear losing Max because of the feelings that the still lingered for Rebecca and being so different from Rebecca that she is not enough from Max as when she first met him she was just an old ladies companion in Monte

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