A Good Man Is Hard To Find Purpose

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I think the story A Good Man is hard to find was a very great story with a purpose. The author Mary Flannery O'Connor an American short story writer and novelist as the first published this story in 1995. Being considered one of O'Connor's best short stories, "A Good Man Is Hard to Find" defines the horrible murder of a family by a group of escaped convicts led by a killer named The Misfit. The story is noted for its often violent experience undergone by characters who are spiritually or considered to be very weird individuals. The opening scene of this story introduces us to a very unhappy, or considered poor family. The family plans to travel on vacation from their home in Georgia to the state of Florida. While reading the newspaper, the…show more content…
The story fires the children's interest, resulting in Bailey being forced to take a unplanned detour down a rough dirt road in search of the house that his grandmother informed them about. Suddenly, the grandmother realizes that her memory has deceived her. She then caused Bailey to lose control of the car. As the family members struggle to free themselves from the accident, three men in a black car approaches at the scene. The grandmother's blurred description of The Misfit tries to win the convict's confidence. Everyone is taken separately into the woods and shot. Left alone with convict, the grandmother tries to save her life by calling on him to pray. He replies by complaining that Jesus himself gives him no choice between blind faith and his pain unexpectedly moves the grandmother to a uncomfortable feeling of kinship. As she reaches out to touch him, however, he reacts by shooting her three times in the chest. With rare, but different, exceptions most critics accept O'Connor's description of "A Good Man Is Hard to Find" as a tale of redemptive grace in a fallen world. The story's religious concerns are expressed through a series of

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