Morality In Peter Stillman's City Of Glass

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Now, I will try to apply some of the characteristics of the hard-boiled formula to the novel. As we have studied, one of the characteristics of this formula is that the detective decides to start the investigation of a crime in which he involves himself beyond the solution, he is morally committed to some of the characters of the story. In City of Glass, we see how Quinn, despite of liking to be isolated, when he decides to accept the case, he becomes interested in Peter Stillman (junior)'s story, he shows empathy towards him when he imagines himself being "confined" in a dark room as Peter was, as we see in "The darkness. To think of myself in that room, screaming. I am reluctant" (City of Glass, pg.54); " His head then filled with Peter…show more content…
As I have said a few lines before, Quinn gets too involved in Peter's case until the point that it affects him physically and mentally "By flooding himself with externals, by drowning himself out of himself, (City of Glass, pg. 75), he gets completely mad, he is about to collapse, his legs are weak, there are times when he can barely breath, he loses so much weight. It is fair to say that when he starts living in the alley, in the street, he puts his life second to Peter's case. Such is the degradation that he even "camouflages" himself with the marginal areas of the city, such as the alley in which he is living, as we see in: "At the back of the alley there was a large metal bin for garbage, and whenever it rained at night Quinn would climb into it for protection" (City of Glass, pg. 127); "Quinn was usually able to find a sufficiently clean newspaper to wipe himself" (City of Glass, pg. 128) Furthermore, we also see how when he is experiencing this transformation, he pays more attention than ever to the tramps, to the drunks... "Today, as never before: the tramps, the down-and-outs, the shopping-bag ladies, the drifters and

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