Examples Of Transnational Organized Crime

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1) Transnational organized crime is an ever-changing industry, adapting to markets and resulting in new forms of crime that transcends cultural, social, linguistic and geographical boundaries and rules. Terrorist groups are often funded by organized criminal groups, hence there is the connection between money and violence is established, which “in contemporary social circumstances represents an ideal combination for the fulfilment of various extremist goals” (Đorđević, 2009). Some examples of transnational organized crimes are drug trafficking, human trafficking, illicit trading in firearms, trafficking in natural resources, illegal trade in wildlife, the sale of fraudulent medicines and cybercrime (UNODC, 2017). While transnational organized…show more content…
For example, there is an increase in public spending on security and policing to counter, control and deter these criminal activities (UNODC, 2017). The internal stability of a state is a reflection on key political actors, and if they are incompetent in confronting organized crime or are involved in various criminal activities (corruption); this causes a breach in public distrust on the part of civil society and jeopardizes human security whereby a sense of insecurity is created (Đorđević, 2009). When the citizens’ lives and safety are at risk, they would likely to escape to neighbouring countries to safeguard their lives. This results in a mass migration due to the sheer amount of people seeking refuge. The sovereignty of the original country would no longer exist due to the loss of its citizens. On the other hand, the influx of refugees affects the host countries in several…show more content…
Firstly, there is a great deal of time and personnel that needs to be pumped into state security and policing for the implementation to work as well as for the leaders of the state to formulate laws and policies to counter it. Lastly, the funding needs to be invested into technology, training, education and awareness campaign. Funding is also needed to render aid to the developing countries to help them build up their crime fighting capabilities so that they do not become the weakest link. There are also intangible benefits such as the increase in public trust, citizens’ compliance and happiness that would transmute into state and economic stability, leading to a better political control of the state citizens by its leaders. (Word Count:

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