Essay About Dreams Come True

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DESTINY DESTINY AN INTELLIGENT PLAN FOR A GREAT PURPOSE NKULULEKO PEACE MNISI DEDICATION This book is dedicated to all young adults who are going through a rough page of life, experiencing the difficulties and challenges of life and had the thought of giving up. It is also dedicated to those who had dreams and tried to archive them but failed and ended up thinking that there is no hope anymore. This book is for you, it is not going to take away your troubles, but I am certain that it will spark the brain that can alter your thoughts and make you view the world from a different perspective. It will keep you going.…show more content…
My dreams exist in my mind for now, but fifteen years from now, they will be a reality. I am not being over-confident and yes—I am a dreamer. But when my dreams turn into a reality, I doubt if I could still be called ‘a dreamer’. Besides dreams and faith, listening to our hearts also guides us towards our distinct destinies. When I was a little boy, I had difficulties when it came to making decisions. I would do things because somebody said I should do them and when I was finally asked why I did what I did, I would point a finger and say—“I did it because he said I should do it.” My mother said to me: “you do not do things because somebody said you should do them, listen to your heart and you will never go wrong.” Since then, I have been doing exactly that and it is working for me. How does listening to our hearts relate to destiny? Thing is, when it comes to destiny, one cannot tell that this is destiny or not but at some point we have to do what destiny wants us to do. How can we do something while we do not know what it is that we are supposed to do? Our hearts are like a compass. A compass always points north, and so is an individual’s
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