Victor Frankl's Search For Meaning Analysis

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In Search of Meaning --------------------------------------- A couple of years ago I left a job. It had shown a lot of promise but turned out to be a dead-end. I was gutted. It had seemed a perfect fit on paper for the mix of skills I possessed. However, that had not been the case. In fact it turned out that the organization was not clear on the role they wanted me to fill. In the weeks that followed I was forced to reflect on my career and where I wanted to take it. My ego was bruised and I was left doubting my abilities. --------------------------------------- There is a blend of emotions that come with job loss. You lose esteem with the lifestyle you are accustomed to under threat. There is also the loss of the social connections you have…show more content…
Victor Frankl was an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist of Jewish heritage who during World War II was imprisoned in a concentration camp. Through his imprisonment at the infamous Auschwitz camp, and later Dachau, he experienced some truly harsh situations with the threat of death constantly hanging over his head. However, rather than being crushed by this weight on his shoulders he maintains a sense of optimism. He began to put into practice ideas he had theorized as a psychiatrist prior to his incarceration. His experiences are the basics for logotherapy a school of psychotherapy in which the prime driving force in human beings is a will to meaning. --------------------------------------- Will to meaning proposes that our life are driven by a search for meaning in contrast to a will to power put forth by Alfred Adler or will to pleasure put forth by Sigmund Freud. ---------------------------------------- Man’s Search for Meaning serves both as a biography and a textbook illustrating his school of psychotherapy. In the book he states that we find meaning through the following ways; 1. Creating a work or doing a deed 2. Experiencing something or encountering someone

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