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Samaa Alkhouri English-1180 Never Give Up Everything happens for a reason. No matter what we do, or willing to do, our fate will be the place for our endings. But every end is a sign for a new beginning. Sometimes life gets really hard and difficult. It gets to times when the person hates himself, his life, and the world around him. However, life goes on, and all the black clouds will fade away. I was born and raised in a small country called Syria. I was living a really happy life with my family there, until bad things started to happen; it changed everything around us. To begin with, Syria was a very peaceful country, but because it is located in the Middle East, surrounded by war areas. It all started in 2011, when my country began to have civil troubles and problems. Some groups of people gathered in the streets for a protest calling for democratic reforms. The reaction from the people who did not like the protest and supported the regime was the same. They…show more content…
I prayed to God that nothing bad come with the results. As she came home with tears in her eyes, we knew that bad luck is following us. The result showed that mom had a high stage breast cancer. The earth stopped spinning at that time. The world was colored in black; no words can describe my feelings. The house was full of tears and sadness. I thought that hell would be less painful than the things that was happening around me. But, I had to be strong so I can take care with my two little brothers and my mom. Almost every day the kidnappers were calling dad and threaten him to kill my uncle or even come to our building and kill us. My father was really confused, terrified, and scared to lose one of us. He was thinking wisely trying to keep the kidnappers calm. Meanwhile, my mom was getting worse because of the chemical medicines that she was taking, rare to find in the war days. Fear was all we

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