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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First of all, the authors would like to thank the almighty God who guided us to finish this thesis, to fulfill the requirements of the seniors; To the Students of Gr. 7-10, the authors would like to thank them for answering our questionnaires, the authors highly appreciate spending your time and effort for their Thesis Paper; To the Secretary of every section, who helped us know who are the latecomers, and excuse them in order for the authors to conduct their survey; To the advisers, per section, who lend their students to the authors in order for them to answer the questionnaires and helped them finish the research paper; To Ms. Joffer Fernandez, discipline coordinator, who had given us information about the tardiness in our…show more content…
In everything we do, time is always included and it is necessary. People are expected to be punctual. Unfortunately, punctuality, the act of completing a required task in a designated time, doesn’t seem important to some other people. Thus, that causes one’s tardiness. Tardiness is the interval of punctuality. This research is to determine the reasons of being late and its effect based to the Holy Trinity Academy High School students, especially those who have issues of tardiness, to find out the answers to the following questions. According to the Holy Trinity Academy’s Discipline Coordinator, Mrs. Joffer Fernandez, The number one problem of the school is Punctuality followed by Bullying, Misbehavior and last is Truancy. It is estimated that more than 10 students are late everyday which proves that Tardiness is happening continuously in our school. The Discipline Coordinator have given the late comers a disciplinary action but that doesn’t seem to stop the students from being late and learning their lessons. This proves that there is still more problems to analyze and understand about the student’s reasons on why they are late and how it affects their academic

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