Why I Want To Be A Certified Nursing Assistant Essay

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Good morning. For these paper I will going to give research about a job I plan to do as a Certified Nursing Assistant. My career is a good choice; I learned many skills at Whitney Young Job Corps center to help me with my success; we get up to get ready for work by 8:00 bright and early. In my job field I’ve learned a lot of things like taking people’s blood pressure; we’ve also learned how take blood for research purposes and getting familiar with being able to take and give blood correctly. Some of the skills needed for CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) are: to change diaper, take blood pressure, feeding, changing clothes, daily living, taking temperature, and changed the dressings. I have learned how to help people when their sick. We work in hospitals and nursing homes to help people; we can work as home care. Before you’re a Certified Nursing Assistant we learned 48 chapters and 25 skills you have to learn before we go to clinic AL’s which is right before you get certified.…show more content…
With being a certified nursing assistance I have many job openings and can almost find a job anywhere because the health care field is a growing field; there will always be sick, dying, and elderly people. We have a lot of benefits dealing with the health care field because I can move up levels; I can do CNA for a year then go to college for two years for my associates degree; then after I get my associates degree I go back to college for my bachelor’s degree for another four years which can open doors for me to eventually own my own practice and start a family

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