Persuasive Essay On Equality

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Throughout American history, specifically the period of World War II through the Cold War, the country has had certain core values it is expected to adhere to. Often recognized as liberty, equality, and justice, these values are known as the basic rights that every American should be guaranteed. There have been several moments in the country’s history relating to liberty, such as the forced internment of Japanese Americans into internment camps, the secret building of the atomic bombs to use on Japan, and McCarthyism of the 1950s. The exclusion of blacks from the American Dream, voting restrictions in the South before the Civil Rights Movement, and segregation in American schools are all examples of issues dealing with equality. Finally, the…show more content…
Three significant examples of America’s failure to promote equality are shown in the American Dream, voting laws meant to keep African Americans from voting in the South, and school segregation. The American Dream has an infinite amount of definitions, as it can be different for every person, but it is widely agreed that the idea anyone can succeed in America through hard work is one of the essential parts of the dream. It is evident in American history, specifically the time directly after World War II, this dream does not hold true for everyone. African Americans were one of the main groups excluded socially and economically from the American Dream of the 1950s. Most of the workforce gains made by African Americans during World War II were lost as soon as the war ended. Many unskilled workers were laid off when businesses were converted from supplying the war to doing whatever they were doing before. Along with this, many whites left the cities and moved to the suburbs, and the jobs followed them. Most suburbs excluded African Americans, so blacks were forced to stay in the city where they could not find jobs or money (Reef). This is an example of America’s failure to promote equal treatment in regards to social and economic equality because the American Dream was not readily available for

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