Stereotyping Against Disabled People

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The article was chosen from SAGE journals and was published under Group Process and Intergroup Relations. The researchers, Rohmer and Louvet (2016), studied stereotyping against disabled people, but not just stereotyping, implicit stereotyping. They knew that people do not explicitly and overtly stereotype disabled individuals by giving them explicit negative evaluations. Fundamentally, people do anyway by not trying to. People have been known to give explicit positive evaluations. There were studies mentioned where people were asked to view a disabled person's characteristics. People came up with describing people with disabilities as full of warmth. This meant that individuals viewed people with disabilities as likeable, friendly, and honest. When the researchers looked at past studies they noticed that…show more content…
Unfortunately, being warm doesn't help disabled individuals land employment, because their employers hold stereotypical beliefs that people with disabilities are dependent, incompetent, passive, unemployable, and weak. Legislation had had to be passed to ensure companies and society began hiring people with disabilities. The authors noticed that there tended to be no evidence of implicit negative evaluations towards people with disability having been studied. The researchers could clearly see from the observations viewed in society and through people's actions that there were negative implicit evaluations and stereotyping happening. In fact, people did not want to appear prejudice towards disabled people and so they overcompensated by ensuring everyone around them knew that they viewed disabled people as full of warmth. This explicit positive evaluation is viewed as alright because they view disabled persons as warm. People have negative evaluations towards people with disabilities, but on the implicit level, and the positive evaluations of warmth might not transfer to the implicit

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