The Boondocks Stereotypes

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The Boondocks is a show that puts a satirical spin not only on African-Americans but Americans as a whole focusing on stereotypes and daily interactions among races. There are stereotypes about all races positive and negative. Boondocks focus on all the stereotypes, exaggerating them so that we can see the details that he wants us to really pay attention to. I think The Boondocks puts the stereotypes in your face, makes you laugh about it; however, confronting real issues that most people experience. The characters on Boondocks are a middle class family in a nice suburban neighborhood; however, you have the youngest son acting as a thug, a loud obnoxious miscreant, that wears a white tank top and saggy pants with a bandana tied around a head of corn rows. Unfortunately that is a true depiction, a uniform of how the “hip-hop” culture dresses and behaves. They believe that they have to act “hard” and not be compassionate. Like the scene in the theater when the older brother sat next to the younger brother; the younger brother, moved a seat over saying that the older brother was gay. Even though I don’t agree with a homosexual lifestyle, I still respect them, they are still…show more content…
It opens your eyes to things that you may not experience. It not only shows negative issues, it also shows positive. Not all Caucasians and African Americans are prejudice, not all African Americans live in the ghetto, steal, are uneducated or love hip hop and its attire. It shows that racism still exists. It relates us in ways that we ignore or chose to ignore. We live in a political correct society in the open; but within our homes do we really? This show points out that society isn’t as politically correct as it tries to portray. Yes there are topics that get the blood boiling but then they tend to fizzle out. In the long run a true resolution is never met, only a temporary bandage is placed until the next issue

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