Mara Salvatrucha Human Trafficking

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This essay will explain how people's values and perspectives of Human Trafficking have led to their responses including; Trafficking gang - Mara Salvatrucha, Victim - Timea and Campaign group - The Truth Isn't Sexy. I will address both positive and negative impacts of personal experiences by using evidence and real life stories to support my arguments. Mara Salvatrucha is a transnational gang which was founded in the “barrios” of Los Angeles around the 1980’s. This hispanic street gang has more than 20,000 members located in foreign countries with more than 8,000 members located in 27 states. They have a wide and growing international network such as the criminal organization of smuggling illicit drugs in United States of America and then…show more content…
A majority of people's perspectives on the MS-13 gang is that over the years they have somehow become sophisticated criminals, learning how to take a swifter approach and deal with things that they incorporate in, confining themselves to keep their network progressing while keeping themselves out of the public eye. For a long while, the Mara Salvatrucha gang have identified themselves in the Human trafficking business and review their system from an economical and business perspective since it is more valuable and profitable than the smuggling of drugs and guns. They are renowned to know the tricks of the trade. Since the MS-13 gang have experienced negative consequences with crime and have learnt to think smart about their business methods in the crime industry such as discreetly distributing these activities across the country to expand their criminal organization. They quote, “Will do any crime, any time.” It refers to them becoming much more stronger and unstoppable than they have been weakened since their gang has increased in size. From MS-13 expanding their gang around the country allows them to be less…show more content…
Ms. Nagy was a victim of Human Trafficking who has now become a public speaker and a social spokeswoman on behalf of Human Trafficking victims worldwide. She was manipulated by the trade of this crime industry as she believed she was getting transported to Canada to seek a bright future with a job to retrieve a little income. Unfortunately she was held hostage in a sex slavery nightmare being kept under terrible conditions and forced into the sex trade immediately. However, after 3 months of being trafficked she miraculously escaped her captors and found freedom. Through her experiences she had initiated a campaign called, Walk with me, which has helped a lot of victims escape the devastation as well. It is referenced that (11.) Walk With Me is a community based organization established by a survivor of human trafficking to rescue and restore the dignity, freedom and well being of human trafficked victims, by providing distinctive, coordinated and comprehensive immediate victim services. What she has experienced has shown people a new and positive perspective on the values of law enforcement on woman, men and children such as protection laws and charges against domestic violence and assault. Also to give shelter to those who have been victimized in the trade. With these laws becoming administered helps victims to overcome their vulnerabilities and escape tragedy

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