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I, Horatio, speaking in regard to my beloved Hamlet who lost his life in tragedy. His body rest in the soil, yet his soul remains alive in my heart. A young prince who lost the chance and privilege to express his strategies and strength to better the land of Denmark. All people be aware that the prince has been murdered just like his father the king. The king and his son, Hamlet, were as innocent as a white sheet of paper. They were too good to have their life taken away. My sorrow and grief will never be relieved if I was unable to achieve my promise to Hamlet. I, Horatio, will let all people of the world know the hurtful truth of this tragedy. Seconds before Hamlet passed away I gave him my word to pass on the truth of what has happened.…show more content…
The poison of Claudius's evil and sneaky plans has killed our precious king. The king’s ear that heard all of the people’s sorrow, grieve. Claudius had us fooled and we are peasants, clowns for following his dirty footsteps. Claudius was found guilty of his actions. He has stolen our king and the crown, Gertrude, and Hamlet. O, Gertrude where do I begin. She has a too sweet of a heart to let the man who murdered her husband in. She let that filthy man in the king's bed. He poisoned the sheets with his sins. I have spent many sleepless nights drowning in my thoughts to whom I should blame? Is Gertrude the one to blame? She the mother of Hamlet, yet not a mother of knowledge. If and only if she had taken actions and opened her ear to Hamlet to hear him out. Her ears were poisoned with lies and foolishness. Hamlet tried to warn you, Gertrude! Your job was to shield your own son, yet you impaled a sword right into his heart. O, my dear Hamlet deserted alone in the dusk fighting his indiscretion…show more content…
O, Ophelia claiming to be in love with Hamlet. You have angered Laertes with your absurd death. I blame you Ophelia for not standing by Hamlet. You claim to love him but what do you know about love? You have gone mad because of your father’s death, but imagine being in Hamlet’s shoes. Laertes, I hope you’re buried with regret. Ignorant, illiterate, fool for chasing the devil’s way. A beast, a skull lacking ability to distinguish between deception and loyalty. Bewildered with his father’s death Laertes has gone mad. Hamlet with his merciful soul was able to forgive Laertes and shall we too. Claudius and Laertes were in cahoots to assassinate Hamlet. They both received what they deserved. As a consequence, I have lost the dearest brother and friend. I shall spend my every breath preaching people of this tragedy and heroism. This is my mission in this journey called life. Hamlet admired my good judgment, loyalty and for that, I cross my heart to never change. I cross my heart to be committed to this commission. Let us forever remember this historical tragedy that alternated our land. Let us learn from this to never let the devil step on our dignity and

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