Advantages And Disadvantages Of Digital Voting System

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Iris Recognition Based Voting System 1G.Sathiyabama,2 Nithiya.J, 3B.Sankareswari@Saranya, 4M.Saravana Lakshmi, 5G.Abinaya 1,2 Faculties 3,, Jeppiaar Engineering College, Jeppiaar Nagar, Chennai. Abstract : In this voting system,the voter identity card is replaced by smart card in…show more content…
With the prosperity of internet over the years, inventors start to make the use of electronic voting in order to make the voting process more convenient and to raise the participation of the civic[7]. From now on, engineers have repeatedly created new technology to improve the feasibility of electronic voting system[1]. Block Diagram: Advantages of Electronic Voting System[12]: Once the voting time is over, the system can immediately calculate the result of the election. It is faster than the traditional ballot counting method used in traditional voting system. As compared to paper ballot voting, electronic voting is very much affordable. It reduces the personnel expense, expense for location management and administration fees etc. Disadvantages of Electronic Voting System : The security issue is the main concern of the electronic voting system.The EVMs operate entirely from battery power, rather than merely using a battery as a backup. The cost of the system is a major concern. The current EVMs are built from expensive parts and cost approximately $200 for each set of units.From now on, engineers have repeatedly created new technology to improve the feasibility of electronic voting…show more content…
The designated verifier ring signature ensure both the security of the vote as well as voter anonymity. In order to check whether the voter’s vote has been polled or not, a receipt is provided by the authority using a new id based designated verifier signature. The receipt will not allow the voter to reveal their vote to someone else, thus ensuring the security of the voter. 2.10. Online Voting System[6]: Online Voting System[6] is the latest electronic voting system introduced. In which the voted ballot is transmitted over the public internet through web browser[1]. The voter can directly vote online from anywhere in the world. Security is the major issue in the Online Voting System[6]. It is very efficient and portable. Advantages of Online Voting System[6]: It is very much portable system as the system works on internet only the internet supporting device is required. It is very fast as compare to traditional paper ballot voting system. The voter doesn’t need to wait in long queue for voting. He /She can cast their vote just on a single click This system gives the freedom of casting the vote from anywhere in country. This is beneficial for the voters who are regularly out of station.

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