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In my opinion and according to the sources that I’ve read, research is important in the real world, because (1) through research, we can know the things that happened in the world, for example, a research which is done in science can find and tell us a new disease and how to avoid and treat it. (2) Research can test the existing theory, whether it is really useful or not for people, for example, the theory of anti-bullying strategies written by Fran Thompson & Peter K Smith in 2011. Through research, the researcher can test whether it is effective or not, if it is effective, the researcher will promote that technique not only for the place where the research takes place, but also another places; but if it is not effective, the researcher can…show more content…
Based on the data of Komisi Nasional Perlindungan Anak, there are 2413 bullying (including cyber bullying) report in 2010, 2508 in 2011, 2637 in 2012, 2792 in 2013, and 3339 in 2014. In order to reduce bullying, traditional or cyber bullying, Thompson (2012) listed anti-bullying strategies which has been used by some people in preventing traditional bullying and cyber bullying. Here, I’m interested in quality circle strategy in preventing cyber bullying, and I want to see the effect of quality circle or QCs on the occurrence of cyber bullying. I expect that this strategy can affect the students’ awareness about cyber bullying, and they will not do that anymore to their friends, and the victims will do their activities normally without a pressure from their friends who do cyber bullying. Why QCs?, because QCs is a problem solving which is done in group, here the students will work in group; they interact each other, they gather the data together, and present it together. The topic given will be about bullying (cyber bullying). Why cyber bullying?, because technology has been introduced and known by all people in the world. The technology can be used for positive and negative purposes; one of its negative purposes is cyber bullying. So this is very important to prevent the cyber bullying which the negative thing is done by using

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