Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cyberbullying

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In a time when technology is near and near. Social world has more roles in our lives. However, social media has several advantages, but there are also many online threats that people may encounter. The danger which is “Cyber-Bullying”. According to, the website of fact a federal government. There provided the fact that Cyber-Bullying is an act of using the social media technology to bully others people and in main cases, it is used anonymously. Especially, the most Cyber-Bullying occurs in high school. The cause of Cyber-Bullying, some say they would start to find new targets that seem to be weaker than them or some individuals would bully only to boost their egos. In the social media, students now have even more opportunities to bully through Cyber-Bullying this includes sending rude pictures or tweeting slanderous messages and so on. The news of Cyber-Bullying increased every day that make people aware the effect that may occur. If the students understand the effect of Cyber-Bullying then they can know how to treat the people those who are victims of Cyber-Bullying and know how to use, comment and post on social media in the right ways that do not…show more content…
Cyber-Bullying, It can cause students who are normally confident, friendly and happy to become lower self-esteem, shy, unsure, repress and introvert. Additionally, the student being bullied may also become sad or depressed due to some students do not know who that they can consult the problem and they cannot find a way out. Their confidence might completely disappear, keeping them from trying new things or trusting people. They may avoid participating in situations where he or she might be ridiculed, such as in public speaking or in sports lead students to feel lonely and anti-social until they had to rely on other things to forget the problem in a while, like drugs or alcohol that affects health problems and

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