Negative Effects Of Tolerance

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” In the practice of tolerance one's enemy is the best teacher”.(Dalai lama) Tolerance doesn't just have positive effect though.Tolerance has positive and a negative impact on people,events,and culture.Tolerance can keep us under control but tolerance can also make us quiet. Like not tell people things are do things that we should.Because we think we are fine or its okay. Tolerance is something we appreciate but also hate. . Tolerance has a negative and positive impact on people,events,and cultures. 1 .Girls are sexualy abused and thisd can cause positive and negative impact according to the situation. Sexualy abused can cause a positive impact. If they have been abused and are no longer abused they can tolerate…show more content…
Homosexual is liking the same sex, guy likes guy, girl likes girl.Peoples attitudes for homosexuals are pretty sad. Getting made fun of for liking someone that is the same sex as them. People think thats its different and its wrong.. Since most people are different certain people don't like that other are different. The thing is if everybody was the same lots of people would hate that everybody is the same. So no matter which way we go somebody is not going to like it, not going to agree.Homesexuals are differnet yes they are but everybodyis differnt in their own way. Criticizing homosexauls go way back.Some people have had negative attitude for them for a long time. Its a known fact that the more negative attitude that the person has for homosexuals are less educated on them. Isnt it funny that they hardly know anything about homosexual except the fact they they date the same sex and they dislike them.They are willing to judge someone when they dont even know them, or know anything about homosexuals.Never the less everybody has their own opinion. Today gays and lesbians are getting some right. Like for gay marriage or lesbian marriage. Some people will probably always have a negative attitude for them. Some people are happy for them, and some just won't…show more content…
People discriminate colored people. Just because they are a different color. Its wrong and hurtful. People judge colored and have zero tolerance for what they do.They judge them for the littlest things. Some schools, if black or hispanic, if they are late to class, out of dress code or in small fight they can go to juvinall.Martin luther king jr. was colored and wanted this to stop. Martin luther king jr. wanted respect , freedom,and thats what he fought fHe tolerated people when times got tough.He wanted others to tolerate him to.Others actions made that hard.He fought for it and died trying.He tolerated them for all those years, just for them to tolerate him back, for freedom, for rights, for respect.Martin luther king jr did many things he went to school and got degrees.His letter “black people are entitled to have the basic rights and opportunities as other american citizens”was published to an editor.King lead a 6 thousand protesters in a support of striking sanitation workers in memphis in 1968 march 28th. Unfortunately he got shot on 1968 april 4th. He was buried in Atlantic on april 9th. 1 2

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