Caffeine Use Disorder (DSM)

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Critique of whether disorder should be included in the next edition of the DSM There are many varying views for why caffeine use disorder should or should not be included in the next edition of the DSM. There are currently two opposing camps. Those who agree with the new addition of caffeine use disorder into the DSM and those who do not. Those who support the new addition do so based on the harm that caffeine causes in individuals who have caffeine use disorder, as symptoms of this disorder are similar to other substance use disorders within the DSM (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). While health professionals against this new addition base their argument on the risks of over diagnosing Caffeine Use Disorder within the general population…show more content…
Caffeine tolerance results in the decrease in physiological, behavioural, and subjective effects of caffeine after repeated exposure to the drug leading to the individual taking increasingly greater levels of the drug in order to obtain the desired effect also leading to greater prevalence of drug dependence in the individual. Reinforcement in drug use is also an important factor in predicting future drug dependence in individuals that functions as a behavioural mechanism that influences rates of operant behaviour (Deborah, et al, 2013). Caffeine also functions as both a positive and a negative reinforce. Caffeine reinforces positively as that it grants the user positive effects and negatively because it takes away of the withdrawal effects from lack of caffeine consumption (Deborah, et al,…show more content…
Which could be problematic, as for Caffeine Use Disorder to be added to the next edition of the DSM, research needs to be conducted to test the validity of the disorder. Therefore if Caffeine Use Disorder is not recognised as being a disorder it will not be added into the DSM-6. Even if it does and is recognised as being a disorder health professionals will not treat it as a real disorder. Which could be detrimental for those with caffeine use disorder. Due to this process of trivialisation of caffeine use disorder as many may just believe this is just a social problem and not a medical one (Addicott,

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