Essay On Environmental Protection

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The Environment protection Act, 1986 defines as “environment includes water, air and land which exist between the water, air, land (nature) and human beings and other living creatures. In Ancient time: In the ancient time, the environment’s protection and clean up the environment was the essence of Vedic culture. The preservation of the earth framed a passionate article of faith, reflected in the day to day lives of the people and furthermore revered in myth art, culture and religion. In Hindu religious philosophy forests, trees and wildlife protection held a position of uncommon reference. Policy and Laws in British India BY AROUND 1860, Britain had emerged as the world leader in deforestation, annihilation its own particular woods and the forest of Ireland, South Africa and north-eastern the United States to draw timber for shipbuilding, iron-smelting, and farming. In the mid-nineteenth century, the Raj carried out a fierce onslaught on the sub continent's forests. The revenue orientation of the colonial land policy also worked towards the denunciation of forests. The imperial forest department was formed in1864, with the assistance of specialists from Germany,…show more content…
Mehta vs. Union of India (Vehicular Pollution Case). It was held to be the duty of the Government to see that the air did not become polluted because of vehicular pollution. The Apex court again confirming the right to the healthy environment as a fundamental right of human stated that the right to clean air also originated from Art 21 which referred to a right to life. This case has served to be a major landmark because of which lead-free petrol supply was introduced in Delhi. There was a total eliminating old commercial vehicles over 5 years old as directed by the courts. Delhi owes its present climatic conditions to the endeavor made to keep up clean
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