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Sports Business Journal Reflection #2 For my third reflection, I chose the article “For women in sports and sports business, the time is now” from the September 21-27, 2015 issue of Sports Business Journal. This article, written by Donna Orender, I chose because women’s roles in sports has been a very big topic of conversation through most of 2015 in the sports world due to the accomplishments of many high profile female athletes and coaches. In the article Orender emphasizes the rise of women in sports both as athletes and in positions of higher authority in the past few months. In the article athletes like Ronda Rousey and Serena Williams, who have been some of the most talked about female athlete in 2015 and years prior, are used to support…show more content…
In addition Orender also highlights Michele Roberts, who became the first woman to lead a major sport’s player union when she was hired as the NBA’s executive director of their players union. Orender comments on this hiring as saying; “This is good for ALL of us, and we should take stock that this is a sharp contrast to the half-clothed gyrating women who are sent to entertain the crowds at timeouts.” (Orender 16). In this she is saying that she feels it is a step in the right direction by having Roberts being hired in this position because it means that people are going to look at women as leaders and as someone who can be respected, taken seriously in the sports world and not someone who has to dress in a cheerleading uniform to get your attention. Other things that Orender highlights in her article include: the WNBA’s growing talent pool of new comers continue to increase the games intrigue with fans, along with the all-star game broadcast seeing double digit growth. The World Surf league offering equal prize money for both men and women and women surfers, getting more recognition, opportunities coming their way and the PGA and LPGA partnering together on a major women’s golf championship that features sizeable purse money, national television coverage and a women’s leadership summit with added focus on inspiring and developing female leaders (Orender

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