Hamlet Compare And Contrast Frankenstein And Tv

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Since I have already read “Frankenstein”, there was not one thing that surprises me. However, I always do feel for the creature, I wished Victor had nourished him as if he was his child. Victor assumed he created a monster because of how it looks but its beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. I believed the creature is capable to infatuated love someone. Furthermore, when you heard the creature you automatically think of a scary monster. The creature is six-foot tall, green skin tone, stich with wires, and bulks holding his body together. The Creature is not a friendly thing; he is portraying to be a dangerous living creature. Also, Frankenstein the book verses Frankenstein television shows has similarities. Frankenstein the book and television shows demonstrates the hatred that the people have toward him. Also, if you pay close attention to the television shows, the creature is yearning the same affection as in the book.…show more content…
In the beginning, Walton is writing letters to his sister Margaret about his voyage. Walton is exploring is nature. Walton is do not have any friends, he feels as the other men on the ship cannot have intellectual conversations. The letters he is sending to Margaret is like a Walton’s journal. Furthermore, Walton meets the creature, late on, the creature tells his story. Victor who is the creature inventor developed a blueprint to bring a human being to life without conceiving. Victor spent his days working on his blueprint for the creature. Once the bulb light ding in Victor head the creature was created. However, the creature is the main speaker, the creature is telling Walton about how he is created. Even though the creature is telling his story, Walton is the primary

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