Duty Of Care To Safeguarding

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Anyone or organisation that comes into contact with children has a duty of care to safeguard them. This means protecting the children from abuse or maltreatment, preventing any harm to the children’s health or development, making sure that the children grow up with safe and effective care and also taking action to ensure best outcomes for all children and young people. Safeguarding children and child protection relates to all children and young people up to the age of 18, the Department for Education is responsible for child protection in England and it sets out policy, legislation and guidance on how the child protection system should work. Legislation which involves safeguarding of children includes:  Children Act 1989  Children Act 2004  Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006  Protection of Freedoms Act 2012  Children and Families Act 2014  Education Act 2002  Digital Economy Act 2017  Adoption and Children Act 2002  Female…show more content…
There is no one perfect way of parenting although as an organisation, for residents with children we encourage them to care for their child’s basic needs, understand how to keep them safe and protected, provide warmth and love and support their children’s development by implementing boundaries and guidance to help them achieve their potential. Adults should continue to ask for help and this is encourage in own area of work and is seen as a sign of responsibility although some see it as a parenting failure and may not ask for advice or help in their children’s care and upbringing. Nevertheless it is essential that we work alongside parents to prevent problems or issues occurring by engaging them early in making their own plans for the protection and welfare of their

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